Frederich Bogisch

Born: 23 Nov 1800 - Bergisdorf, Sagan, Germany

Died: 1854 Sagan, Germany

Friedrich Bogisch was a Master Weaver by trade.

The marriage to Johanna Hoffmann was his second.

Friedich died at the age of 84 years





Johanna Hoffmann

Born: 23 Feb 1807 Kischendorf, Sagan, Germany

Died: 6 Apr 1889 Sagan, Germany

Johanna Bogisch [nee Hoffmann] died at the age of 82 years.






Three Children


Born: Unknown- Sagan, Germany(?)

Died: c1874 Forst, Germany

Adolf Bogisch was a Master Joiner by trade.

He was married to Marie Reiche and they had two children:

1. Deaconess Bertha [died as the result of an accident]

2. Reverend Theodore [migrated to Texas, USA] where he married Frieda Schussler and produced five children




Born: 26 Feb 1839 Sagan, Germany
Died: 30 Dec 1916 Forst, Germany

Julius Bogisch was a Cloth Manufacturer and Master Weaver, a trade passed down by his father.

He married and moved to Forst, is in East Germany, south of Berlin, near the Polish border.

War split Germany and decimated the industry, but contact with the Australian descendants has been maintained through this lineage.

Julius died at the age of 77 years.

He married Johanna Findler and they had four children:
1. Paul Julius [Theodore]
2. Ernst Friedrich [Adolph]
3. [Martin] Paul Johannes
4. Marie Ohma


Rev Herman (Paul) Bogisch

Born: 22 Jan 1845 Sagan Schlesien Germany

Arrived: 6 Aug 1877 Melbourne

Married: 1877 - Neusalz, Prussia

Died: 2 Jun 1903 Ebenezer Mission Victoria

Reverend Herman [Paul] Bogisch, born in Sagan, Schlesian, Germany [which is now Zagan, Poland, since the border was changed during WW2].

At first followed in the footsteps of his father, a master weaver. It was not long though, before he left the trade to study theology.

In 1876, he and Sister Amalie Jindrova, were called to work in Australia as missionaries.

He was ordained deacon at Herrnhut, Saxony on
3 June 1877, and he married Sister Amalie Jindrova at Neusalz, Prussia,also in 1877.

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