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The history for the descendants and family of:
Rev. (Herman) Paul Bogisch & Amalie Jindra.

First Child



Frieda Elisabeth Bogisch
Born 30 Nov 1878 - Ebenezer Mission, Nhill, Vic

First Generation Australian

Died 8 Sep 1937 - Nhill, Vic,

4 Children:

Elise Jessamy Whitehead
15 Mar 1905 - 31 Aug 1996

Mervyn Paul Whitehead
22 Apr 1908 - 16 Nov 1984

Jeanette Jindra Whitehead
30 May 1912 - 31 Dec 1912

John Frank Whitehead
10 Dec 1913 - 22 Jun 1987

She married John Thomas Whitehead and her own descendants will be now on the Whitehead Family Page.

Freida Elisabeth Bogisch
Herbert's Studio Stawell. Unknown Date

Please note when researching Frieda:

Her name was not Frieda Elizabeth Bobish or Frieda Elizabeth Bobisch.

Watch the Frieda and Elisabeth mis-spellings as well.
She was not born in Kurnbruin , Victoria.
She was born at the Ebeneber Mission which was also known as the Lake Hindmarsh Mission,
It is on the Wimmera River at a district called Antwerp and Nhill is the nearby township.

It was Toni Whitehead, Second wife of J.T.Whitehead ( her step mother) who was born at Kurnbrunin.
Kurnbrunin is an area on edge of the scrub near Pella, which is west of Rainbow, Victoria.

Ebeneber Mission was also known as the Lake Hindmarsh Mission is located on the Wimmera River at a district called Antwerp and Nhill is the township.

The Whitehead Collection

As Freida was the eldest Bogisch child she inherited the family records and photographs. Along with her own memorabilia of her personal photo album, autograph book and other family donations has created what is referred to as "The Whitehead Collection" and was handed down to her descendants.

Only a handful of these photographs and records have ever been seen in public. They are of great historical importance and the bulk of it being her personal collection will be on this page when released.

Other images and records will be spread over on the main Bogisch Family Pages.

All Text and Images Reproduced with the Permission of the Whitehead Family Collection.