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William Goldsmith BUTTOLPH
Christened 1805
Died 15 Oct 1880, Melbourne,Victoria

Married 4 Jun 1805, Wymondham, Norfolk, England

Frances JUDD
Born c 1801, Badenham Hall,Norfolk,England
Died 22 Apr 1872, Brunswick,Victoria,Australia

Records indicate that Anne Buttolph was the first family member to migrate to Australia in 1848 and her parents came here to retire in 1860.

It is unknown if Harriet & Charles had survived until the family came to Australia or if alternatively they stayed in England.

1. William J BUTTOLPH
Born c 1827, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Died 1901, Melbourne, Victoria

Born c 1830, Breadenham, Norfolk, England
Died Unknown, Australia

3. Sarah Frances [Fanny] BUTTOLPH
Born 1831, Wymondham,Norfolk,England ,
Died Date Unknown, Mount Gambier, South Australia

4. Harriet BUTTOLPH
Born 13 Nov 1832, Wymondham, Norfolk, England ,
Died Before 1872, Unknown

5. Robert BUTTOLPH
Born 1 Jun 1835, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Died 1900, Melbourne, Victoria

6. George BUTTOLPH
Born 4 May 1837, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Died 17 May 1906, Riverton Hospital,Riverton,New Zealand

7. Charles BUTTOLPH
Born . 4 May 1840, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Died Before 1872, Unknown

Born 1841, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Died Unknown , Australia



William Goldsmith Buttolph