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Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm Mayer
Born: 5 Feb 1826, St Andresberg, Harzbot, Germany
Died: ? Australia(?)
Married ??? Australia
Caroline Augusta Koehler

Born: ? 1824, St Andresberg, Harzbot, Germany
Died: ? Australia

Also known as Wilhelm Farmer,
Shipping records are for Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm Meyer as a single man, occupation: Smith 22 y.o. and his future wide travelled with her parents on the same ship and they were both born in the same town in Germany.
It is believed his surname was Mayer on his birth certificate.

3 Known Children:

First Generation Australians

1. Adolphina Pauline [Bertha] Meyer
Born 24 Jan 1863, Mount Gambier S.A.
Died 18 Aug 1938, Ballarat Vic

2. Charlie Meyer
? - ?

3. Wilhelm Meyer
? - ?




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