Site Purpose

The concept for this site began while I was doing some research on a large online genealogy site. Distant relatives were being given some incorrect information on the Bogisch family. This matter had to be set right because the family has many records. They were of historical interest and needed a public forum for viewing.

Everything is recorded electronically these days and data bases are a perfect way or storing family records. There is also a standard called GEDCOM and it is used by all genealogy programs as their data base format.

As time goes by records are thrown out, older relatives who know about their ancestors die, records are lost for future generations or spread about distant relatives who don't know each other.

No Longer is this the case because we have a family genealogy library.

This site should be regarded as a central repository, data base and genealogy library for all people lucky enough to be descended from MY ancestors as well because are OUR ancestors.

All families will have their own home page similar to one found on all web sites dedicated to them, it will just be encased within the main site. It will be like a dedicated room in a library for your family.

As records grow you may wish to visit another room to view another family's history. For example to read your in-laws and the joint families that are created.

The different Family Pages are the same thing, with written history, photographs and a data base of known relatives. In time separate family genealogists will be given administration rights to view all people in the data base so that they can make all of the required updates and changes.

Illegitimate children will be included and I am including adopted children as well, I am not discriminating because I will not be drawn into a "Nature Vs Nurture" argument. I feel most of you agree that this is not the purpose of the site.

This site (like all good ones) is under construction.

I am yet to add many graphics and the whole template isbeing reviewed, I have lots of data that I haven't entered, little matter sorted through and there are massive holes in my data that you drive a Kenworth truck through and your help is wanted.

As the site comes together you will see what I have and what WE need for OUR site,
I really appreciate being corrected and I want to make sure all data is as accurate as possible.

Please contact me on any errors, omissions or editions.

Until then it is like eating an elephant - one bite at a time and this is a large job.

Steven Merrett
Web Master.