Friedrich (Wilhelm) Siemering
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The Descendants and family of:

Friedrich (Wilhelm) Siemering - 1 Jul 1853 - 19 Nov 1931
Known as Wilhelm in Australia.
Married 22 Feb 1883 - Natimuk, Vic Australia
Adolphina Pauline (Bertha) Siemering (nee Meyer) - 24 Jan 1863 - 18 Aug 1938

Photograph from Studios Of Arthur & Son Mount Gambier


13 Children:

First Generation Australians

1. William Alfred SIEMERING 18 Dec 1883 - 3 Jun 1887
        - Died as a child.

2. Marie Caroline [Bertha] SIEMERING 21 May 1885 - 18 Oct 1942
- Edward Walter Dahlenburg - 18 Sep 1882 - 12 May 1970

3. Augusta Bertha SIEMERING 30 Jul 1887 - 8 Dec 1980
Heinrich Ferdinand Carl Cramer - 6 Jul 1886 - 19 Aug 1968

4. Otto Carl SIEMERING 5 Mar 1889 - 3 Oct 1988
Olga Matilda Rosalie Dahlenburg - 25 Aug 1888 - 21 Dec 1928

5. Albert Herman SIEMERING 4 Aug 1890 - 6 May 1947
Marie Helene Schmidt - 19 Dec 1894  - 13 Sep 1989

6. Emma Victoria SIEMERING 24 May 1892 - 14 Jan 1972
William Louis Carroll -18 Mar 1898 - 19 Feb 1960 

7. William Frederick SIEMERING 1 Jun 1894 - 17 Nov 1962
Olive Smellie -11 Jan 1899 - 30 Sep 1946

8. Alexander Ernest SIEMERING 28 Jan 1896
       - Died as a child

9. Ernest Walter SIEMERING 1 Jul 1897 - 30 Nov 1972
Alice Rose Keating - 28 Jan 1899 - 6 Jul 1988

10. Heinrich Christian (Son) SIEMERING 11 Oct 1899 - 14 Jul 1961
Keziah Louisa Ferrier - 1899 - 15 Jan 1981

11. Herbert Edwin (Press) SIEMERING 11 Nov 1901 - 22 Oct 1986
        Jessie Magrath - ? - 26 Jul 1943

12. Hilda Elsie SIEMERING 25 Mar 1904 - 27 Oct 1988
Conrad Gerald Zilles - 11 Nov 1894 - 20 Jan 1958

13. Leonard Roy SIEMERING 5 Jul 1906 - 4 Jan 1987
        Mavis Corry - ? - 4 Nov 2002



Photograph from Thorton Studios Ballarat

Friedrich (Wilhelm) Siemering-
Born in Germany in 1853, he went to London in 1873 and worked as a tailor for fifteen months. Then took to seafaring life and visited the West Indies on the Sugar Boats.

Then worked his passage to New Zealand on a migrant Boat which took one hundred days. After this worked on Emituki Railways and also as a Second Cook in a Hotel for a time in 1875.

He came to Victoria and after two and a half years worked as a farm hand at Natimuk. He selected three hundred and twenty acres and bought three hundred and twenty in the Parish of Woorak where his wife also hold three hundred and twenty in 1887. He cropped three hundred and twenty acres and ran sheep, horses and cattle.

Source: A type wriiten piece of paper handed around family members - Author unknown.

Obituary 1931

The death occurred at his residence, Marchwood, Sturt Street, Ballarat, on 19th inst. of Mr Wilhelm Siemering, who was in his 79th year. Born in Hanover, Germany, he was apprenticed to a tailoring firm where he learnt the trade.

At the age of 19 years he went to England and secured a tailoring business in London, where he carried on for some time until he decided on a trip to the West Indies, which he made on a Norwegian barque. Being of an enterprising nature he made a big deal in timber which he transported and successfully disposed of in England.

He then decided on a visit to an uncle in Australia who was on the gold diggings at Ararat. Working his passage on the S.S. Industan, and arriving at New Zealand he decided on a stay on the islands. After tramping practically through the country he continued his journey by another sailing ship to Australia.

Eventually he arrived at Ararat. At that period the “diggings” were not paying too well, so he decided to investigate the prospects of the agricultural areas. He secured work with the late Mr Carl Schmidt at Natimuk, with whom he remained for nearly three years until he decided to venture on his own.

In 1878 he selected land in the Nhill district and a couple of years later he married Bertha Meyer, of Natimuk, and leasing his farm went to his wife’s property at Tolonda. Some years later Mr Siemering disposed of this property and returned to his own place at Nhill, where he farmed until 1916 when he retired and came to reside in Ballarat.

The late Mr Siemering, whilst living in the country, made a study of politics, and his passages at arms with candidates aspiring for political honours , particularly in regard to the applicability of Free trade to the agricultural industry never failed to cause a diversion. During his long stay in the country he was closely identified with every movement that had for its object the welfare of the district.

Besides his widow he leaves a family, viz.., Mrs E. W. Dahlenburg (Salisbury), Mrs Henry Cramer (Woorak), Mrs W. Carroll (Tutye), Mrs C. Zilies (Ballarat), Messrs Otto and Albert Siemering (Ballarat), William and Ernest (Melbourne), H. C. and Leonard (Euroa), and H. E. Siemering (Propodollah), who were the chief family mourners at the funeral, which took place to the Ballarat New Cemetery on the afternoon of the 21st inst.

Numerous beautiful floral tributes were received, and at the services which were conducted by the Rev C. S Petrie, of St. Cuthbert’s Presbyterian Church, were attended by a large and representative gathering of citizens. The arrangements of the funeral were carried out by Messrs F. W. Barnes and Son, of Ballarat.

Source: Unknown Ballarat Newspaper cutting. cira Nov 1931

Wooden plaque sent to Wilhelm Siemering from his family in Bremen Germany around 1890
"Search not far (abroad) for happiness it lies in the home environment"
(Be content at home) - Photo taken in Jan 1995