The list is endless but in short:

Births, deaths, marriages, corrections and additions to the data base or web pages

Any family descendant's details, if you have a large amount of data on a GEDCOM file that would be fantastic.
Scans or photocopies of family trees that can be posted or emailed and I will gladly cut & paste details from an email - I will gratefully take what I can get.

Old records, photos, press clippings, links, things of historical interest and details on our ancestors.

Any more information or images relating the people on the first page or the first generation of Australians or the boats they immigrated on. In fact any old photos may come in handy for one spot or another as the site is family/historical based and most old images fall into this category.

Family genealogist from all branches of the families in family my tree to contact me.

I will mention you by name Margaret Yarwood as you have information on the Koehler family that I certainly don't - and you have changed email addresses since a forum post.

Submissions in electronic form if possible please.

Please supply submissions of text in electronic form if possible - I am a slow typist.
I can readily use text that I cut & paste from an email, or any of these formats.


Allow me to re-size, crop or straighten any scans of old photographs, send me the original scan image.
Photos are requested separately if possible - please do not embed them in a Word document etc.